Strategic Workshop 2023

University of Luxembourg, campus


General Information

Venue: University of Luxembourg, Belval campus Esch-sur-Alzette

2 Av. de l’Universite,

4365 Esch-sur-Alzette

When: 15-16 May, 2023

Program: download here

Information for participants: download here

Instructions for booking meals (until 5 May 2023):

Please follow the following steps to complete the registration: 

  1. Go to registration webpage
  2. On the webpage, click on the tab called ‘Select options’ to access the registration form. 
  3. Fill in the necessary details and specify your food choice, along with any known allergies. 
  4. Click on the add basket button. It will redirect you to the homepage. 
  5. At the top, you will see “MODENERLANDS CA20109” has been added to your basket. 
  6. Click on the view basket
  7. Click on Proceed to checkout
  8. Fill in the Billing details and select the payment mode as per convenience*.  
  9. Complete the payment and registration by clicking on the place order. 


General Instructions

  • Deadline for presentation submission in pptx format is 8th May 2023
  • It is mandatory to use the official MODENERLANDS template download here (CA20109_TemplatePPT.pptx)
  • Name your presentation using the following format: Name_LastName (e.g. Ana_Smith.pptx)
  • Prepare a 15 min presentation and allow some time for questions at the end.
  • Submit your presentation here


General Instructions

  • Deadline for poster submission is 28th April 2023.
  • Please be informed that it is not possible for you to bring your poster with you onsite. A screen will be available to view each contribution throughout the event.
  • We recommend that you are present at your poster during the breaks as this is the moment to answer questions from delegates.
  • It is mandatory to use the official MODENERLANDS poster format that you can download here (pptx)
  • Name your poster using the following format: Name_LastName (e.g. Ana_Smith.pptx)
  • If your abstract was selected for a poster, you must create a poster file and an accompanying 3-minutes recorded presentation based on your submitted abstract.
  • Submit your poster and video presentation here
  • Please create two QR codes (see poster template) to allow the participants to download:
    • Your poster in PDF
    • Your recorded poster presentation


  • Deadline for poster recording submission is (XXX same as poster).
  • If you have not submitted your poster recording by the deadline, we will automatically cancel your poster.
  • You can use the template provided for presenters (pptx) or for posters (CA20109_SWLux_Poster.pptx) to record your video.
  • Name your poster recording using the following format: Name_LastName (e.g. Ana_Smith.m4a)
  • Below you can find detailed instruction on how to record your poster video using PowerPoint.
  • Recordings must be submitted as separate files from the poster via WeTransfer or a similar tool to – please don’t keep them included in your poster file.


  • Submitting a recording with your poster is mandatory. You can present your work with a couple of slides (and/or your poster file). Please read this explanation by Microsoft for more detailed information. Depending on your version of PowerPoint, explanations on how to record may differ from what is explained below.
  • Some step-by-step guides/examples can be found in the following videos: VIDEO 1
  1. Technical Equipment
  • Please make sure that you have a microphone and camera connected to your computer:
    • Test them before recording your final recording
    • For a better audio quality, it is strongly advised to use a headset or external microphone
  • Record your presentation in a quiet area
  • Make sure to speak slowly and clearly to be easily understood
  • You can’t change which device to record from or set volume levels for the microphone inside PowerPoint, so make sure that it’s ready for recording before you dive into PowerPoint
  1. Step-by-step
  2. Open your presentation in PowerPoint
    • Go to the tabs and select “Slide Show”
    • Then “Record Slide Show” to launch the recording options.
  3. Start recording: your PowerPoint will open in full screen.
    • In the top left you will see the options to “start/stop recording”.
    • On the right you have settings: check that the correct microphone and webcam are selected.
  4. Check you are ready before you start recording. As soon as you click on the record button, a “3-2-1” timer will appear on your screen before the recording starts.
    • Remember that your recording should be 3 minutes maximum, which is 180 seconds maximum.
  5. Save as video: once the recording is done, save your PowerPoint file (including your recording) as a video.
    • Go to File > Export > create a video
    • Note that it can take a while before the video is fully saved. (see step 5)
  6. Name your file: Name your poster recording using the following format: Name_LastName (e.g. Ana_Smith.m4a).
    • Note: The icon of the saved file will then appear on your desktop (or in the folder in which you saved it), but you won’t be able to open it immediately. It will take a while before the video is fully compressed. Allow 10-15’ for the process to complete.
  1. Final steps: when your recording has been saved as a video, please make sure that you do not keep it in PowerPoint file.
  2. Send your recording via WeTransfer or a similar tool to