Modular Energy Islands for Sustainability and Resilience

The MODENERLANDS Action aims to merge and systematise the efforts of the European Research and Development (R&D) groups working on Sustainable Energy and the related technologies, in particular, wind and wave energy sources.


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Working Groups

WG1 • Assessment of sustainable energies resources for energy islands

WG1 aims to promote and coordinate research activities compatible with Climate Change EU strategy concerning global resources assessment and evaluation of climate change impacts on the size and geographic distribution of the renewable energy resources. WG1 also targets to foster the concept of Energy Island and coordinate research activities concerning assessment of offshore renewable energy sources potential in Europe focused on deep waters locations, grid integration issues related to flexible emerging energy systems to integrate renewables into grid including storage systems and green hydrogen

WG2 • Modular offshore floating energy islands

WG2 coordinates research activities addressing integrity and sustainability of modular offshore floating platforms suitable to receive energy islands including conceptual innovative design, construction issues, recycling/reuse, markets and industries, and regulatory framework. WG2 will focus on technological challenges and solutions, floating systems technology development, wind/wave/current structural interaction and loading, fabrication and execution of large structures, operational functionality, structural health and condition monitoring, cost efficiency, regulatory and standardization.

WG3 • Network, energy storage and resilience analysis

WG3 aims to enact Energy Islands strategies for climate change adaptation through real-world case studies taking into consideration grid integration and techno-economic criteria. WG3 will integrated feasibility analysis of Energy Islands projects, Risk analyses, Achievements concerning EU goals established by the European Green Deal and technology transfer.

Participating Countries

Please see the map showing the geographical spread of MODENERLANDS participating countries (click on the map to see the members of which country). We welcome new countries to join us. If you would like for your country to be involved in the Action, please follow the link below to see how you can participate.



Newsletter 2023

We’ve just wrapped up our second year! It’s been a vibrant and active period for us. Our network has grown even more, and we are

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